Bluetooth SSD powered by the sun

light reminiscence 1 c6hM6 69 Bluetooth SSD powered by the sun

Whentoo much data fills our internal hard drives, we look for externalalternatives. The external drive alternatives on the market only add tothe power consumption of the system, but now if the ‘Light’sReminiscence’ by Tryi Yeh becomes a reality, we could have externalsolid state drives that are powered by the sun.

light reminiscence 2 QUCtd 69 Bluetooth SSD powered by the sun

Thedesigner has come up with a new SSD that integrates Bluetoothtechnology for easy transfer between the system and the disk, and allthose electronics run without consuming a single watt of power from thegrid. The system carries a layer of solar cells which capture sunlightand store it in batteries for indoor use.

light reminiscence 3 nj9mU 69 Bluetooth SSD powered by the sun

Inaddition to the use of solar panels to pull down the amount of energyconsumed by a conventional SSD drive, the Light’s Reminiscence is alsomade from recycled wood, which itself is a carbon neutral product.

light reminiscence_4
light reminiscence_5

Thanks: [Tryi Yeh]