BlueChip Energy announces solar system for small business

BlueChip Energy (BCE), a leading provider of complete solar energysolutions for residential, commercial, government and utilityapplications, announced today the availability of its Fusion 25 solargenerator system to meet the needs of small businesses.

Thesystem is ideally suited for commercial use and can offset energy costsfor small business owners.

The company developed the Fusion25Solar Generator specifically for small commercial applications. Thesystem produces 25,000 watts of electricity from Florida sunlight.25,000 watts of electricity can power commercial office buildings andwarehouses and offset a business’s electric bill over $5000 a year. Thesystem produces 100 percent Green Energy and does not create any carbonemissions.

Now, small business owners have the system they needto manage rising electricity costs and usage. Should the utility company raise electricity rates, the dollar value of the energy produced by the system increases proportionately counteracting the rate increase. Overthe 25 year life of the system, energy production costs remain the sameas the day the system was installed.

The Fusion 25 SolarGenerator System consists of one hundred, 250 watt, mono-crystallinesolar modules, a 25,000 watt inverter, industry leading UniRac mountingsystem and a quality BlueChip Energy design and installation.Monocrystalline solar modules are the most efficient available,minimizing the footprint of the system.

Due to a smallfootprint of an 1800 sq. ft, the system is easily and cost effectivelymounted on commercial roofs, parking lots, or green fields. The solarmodules carry a 25 year limited warranty guaranteeing energy productionfor 25 years.

With Federal Tax Credits and the State of FloridaSolar Energy Rebate, the cost of a Fusion 25 system is dramaticallyreduced. The Florida state rebate expires on June 30th, 2010.

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