Bloom Energy vs. Cogeneration Reality

Cogeneration can achieve better CO2 reductions than the Bloom Energy fuel cell when operating on the same type of fuel.

That’s the short version, according to Bob Spitzka, President of Water & Energy Management (WEM) of Danville, California, in a white paper he’s written withcolleague James Hall. Both are licensed Professional Engineers innorthern California who have collaborated on the feasibility and designof nearly 100 cogeneration projects in California and Hawaii during thepast 36 years. 

When you splash on the scene like the Kleiner Perkins and NEA-funded Bloom Energy, making bold pronouncements about power costs and energy security, one has to expect a bit of a spotlight to continue to shine on the hype. Especially when you’re working on a 150-year-old technology that has yet to yield a profitable fuel cell company.

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