Bloggage and quotes from Intersolar

More bloggage and quotes from Intersolar in SF…

SunPower. Suntech. And Abound Solar. At least two winning PV suppliers.

Andrew Beebe Managing Director Energy Solutions SunTech America

  • "There will be no concentrating photovoltaic market at all."  Beebehas years of experience in CPV (prior to his current c-Si firm) anddeclared that the price of high accuracy tracking in HCPV is just tooexpensive when polysilicon is at $50/kg. "You just can’t do it," he said
  • Andrew wanted to know why Travis foreacast an enormous number forthe CIGs solar market.  Travis threw the hot potato to Shyam Mehta (mycolleagues, now possibly no longer talking to me).  Shyam, ranted aboutbinomial distributions and declared that the chance of one or two ofthe CIGS companies will succeed is quite high. 
  • "Ultimately, utilities are one of the most risk-adverse entities in the world. They are driven by policy and regulators."
  • "We are in the domain of the big now. We are not massive butgetting into the wind size.  A couple of things change then – as youget in to the domain of the big – vertical integration of the businessis a necessity. We are going to see a de-verticallization of theindustry."

Julie Blunden, VP Public Policy and Corporate Communication at SunPower

  • "U.S. business is about half of our global business."
  • "Years ago, we decided to verticallly integrate and we decided to diversify geographically."
  • "We have the largest dealer network in the world"
  • "We need to have our defensive gloves on as people recognize thatwe are a disruptive technology. The volatility around friction anddisruption of politics is hard to predict."
  • "Module price alone does not a systems price make."
  • "The horse race on LCOE between thin films and c-Si is not over."



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