Bill Gates Discusses Solar in Wired Magazine

In the Wall Street Journal opinion section on Friday, July 22,Bill Gates was quote in the Notable and Quotable column from aninterview by Wired magazine.  He said:

“I think people deeply underestimate what a huge problem thisday-night issue is if you’re trying to design an energy system involving solar technology that’s more than just a hobby…’s cute, you know,it’s nice.  But the economics are so, so far from making sense.  And yet that’s where subsidies are going now.  We’re putting 90 percent of thesubsidies in deployment—this is true in Europe and the United States—not in R&D……You need fundamental breakthroughs, which come more out ofbasic research….”

The Solar Industry is making good progress, but it is not goodgovernment or good productivity to put money into the installation oftechnology that is not competitive.  If you read previous blogs by our company, you will see that we have been saying this all along.



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