BIG’s 8House Showcases Green Roofs

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Placing green spaces on the roof and within the courtyard is thestrategy that the “8House” has implemented to reduce the urban heatisland effect as well as providing a visual relief to the inhabitants.Located in Southern Orestad on the edge of the Copenhagen Canal, thismassive house offers a comfortable living space for people in all oflife’s stages, be it young, old, singles or families.

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Designed by BIG, the 60,000sqm mixed-use development with a moss-sedum roof featuresapartments at the top and commercial space at the base of the building.The apartments on the top benefit from the view, sunlight and fresh air, while the offices are in sync with life on the street. The slopinggreen roofs with rooftop terrace in between are not only a boon for theenvironment, but also add to the visual drama and appeal.

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The bow-shaped building creates two distinct spaces, separated bythe center of the bow, which hosts the communal facilities of 500 m2. In addition, it has a 9-meter wide passage that connects the twosurrounding city spaces – the park area to the west and the channel area to the east. The structure comes across as a medium to educate peopleabout the positive impact of green roofs on urban ecology.

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