Big Business Gets Behind American Power Act

green%20business Big Business Gets Behind American Power Act

It appears as if climate changelegislation has found some unlikely allies in corporate America.

According to a new report by American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE), more than 6,000 businesses in the United States support clean energy legislation,such as the American Power Act.

And these aren’t just local mom and pop organizations; The ABCE saysthat these businesses together pulled in a staggering UA$3.5 trillion in revenue last year, and employ as many as 3.5 million workers.

According to ABCE, twenty-one of the top Fortune 100 companiessupport the American Power Act, and that number jumps to forty-nine when you look at the Fortune 500.

This support echoes a trend among American businesses jumping on theenvironmental bandwagon.

Over the last several years, companies like Bank of America,Wal-Mart, General Electric, DuPont, and McDonald’s have launched massive advertising and PR campaigns to convince the public that they haveturned over a greener leaf.

While some of these companies are clearly just looking for a way toclean up their image, others appear to be taking serious action toreduce their carbon footprints.

The question still remains as to whether or not the support of thebusiness community will be enough to change minds in the Senate. As ofright now, the bill is still struggling to find supporters, withRepublican support being both necessary and unlikely for the bill’ssurvival.

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