Because Your Solar Panels Deserve to be Safe

When you make an investment in solar panels, most people assume that they will generate power for the next 20 to 30 years.  In recent years, reports of solar panel theft are becoming common in communities in California and Colorado,although still rare in most parts of the country.  To many, safeguarding their solar investment has become a priority.

Solar insurance providers have seen the incidence of theft move atthe same rate as installed solar capacity.  Typically, panels aren’tstolen from roof-mounted residential solar installations.  Burglars are usually too lazy to go on a homeowner’s roof to unclampsolar modules.  With most roofs being 35 to 45 degrees on the eastcoast, it’s also dangerous work at night.

As a homeowner, the best way to protect your investment is to insure your solar panels with your home’s policy.  Make sure your solar installer also gives you a list of serial numbers for your equipment.  If yourmodules are stolen, you can report that information to authorities andyour insurance company.

Thieves usually go for large ground-mounted commercial installations where it is easy to pick off solar panels without alerting attention.  In California, many wineries are targetedbecause they are situated in remote locations which aren’t monitored atnight.  Burglars often sell the stolen panels on Craigslist or Ebay for a fraction of the cost.

There are a few ways that you can safeguard your investment.  Amotion detected light or a fence around the installation is aconventional way to deter thieves.   You can also install securitycameras to monitor panels in remote areas.  Using security fasteners isanother way to protect your solar panels.  These theft-resistant bolts require special tools to install andremove.  Burglars may get frustrated enough to move on or at leastdelayed until police arrive.

GridLock Solar Security is one of the vendors that have emerged todeter solar panel theft.  If a panel in an array is disturbed, it willtrigger the GridLock alarm and activate a deafening siren.  They offercomprehensive security solutions that make it impossible for burglars to take panels without alerting authorities and damaging equipment.

You should understand all of your risks before you decide on a solar installation for your home or business.  Brightstar Solar is a licensed solar installer in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  We will work with our customers to navigate the installation process,maximize incentives, and manage the rebate and permitting paperworkinvolved.  If you have a home or business in Massachusetts or Connecticut and are interested in solar power, please contact us for a free evaluation.



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