Be Skeptical of Nuclear Energy

Last March, I became aware of a situation that gave me great pause of concern. I read that U.S. Intelligence had captured a U.S. Citizen inSomalia and while interrogating him they discovered that he had workedas a laborer in 5 of our nuclear power plants here in the eastern partof the country. Having worked for NSA back in the early 1970?s I quickly realized that he wasn’t there just for the money. I suspect that he was there probing for ways to plan future attacks on our nuclear powerplants. The M.O. was similarly eerie to that of the planning andimplimentation that brought down the World Trade Centers on 9/11. Instead of their trying to bring a nuclear device into this country,why not take advantage of the ones that are readily available in thiscountry (our nuclear power plants). The terrorists found a way tocircumvent our security right underneath our eyes and used what theyfound readily available in our aviation training schools and used ourown planes as low level missiles.

I suspect this is what this terrorist was looking for when he entered 5 of our nuclear power plants then took this information back to others in his demented organization. It is my sense that these so calledsecure facilities have already been breached numerous times in the pastand that plans have already been circulated among their cadre that mayinclude possible attacks on the water pumps, or control rooms at thesebreached locations.

All we have to do is to remember what occurred in France in WWII when the German bombers pounded their cities mercessly destroying everything they encountered. France today gets 80% of their electricity fromNuclear Power. They are very proud of this technical achievement. I amrather astounded to think that they must surely have attained animplicit pact with God himself, which clearly states that their countrywill never again suffer such indiscriminate destruction, or otherwise,such technically advanced countries would fail to have read their 20thcentury history. To me, this is utter madness.

Last fall, President Obama reauthorized the resumption of the thebuilding of a very large nuclear power plant in Georgia. I too mustassume that he received the same assurrances from the Divine himself,that he would never let anyone with ill content in their veins withinone mile of it. I believe that there are many in this counrty whoquestion his judgement. I am one of those frightened skeptics.

All it would take is just one terrorists armed with the knowledge ofthe plant layout and a few pounds of high explosives, to find his or her way into the newly built facility and detonate a relatively smalldevice sufficient to destroy a water pumping station, or disable theircontrol room sufficiently to cause a Chernobal like event. Having livedin Pennsylvania most of my life, much of the time, the wind blows fromthe South to the Northeast. If a terrorist, either foreign or domestic,managed to accomplish his or her goal, this could result in a massiveradioactive cloud to be blown towards Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and Boston exposing a hundred million innocent people to an“extremely large killer cloud.

My question to you then is WHY? Is it all being perpertrated on usfor $PROFIT. Is greed our only and ultimate goal? Ot, is it just plaindown right absolute stupidity?  Are we too smart by half?



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