Battery-dependent Future Cars

volvo ev Battery dependent Future Cars

The battery on an electric car is extremely heavy. More batteries areneeded on the vehicle in order to extend its range. However, addedbatteries create added weight, which does not extend the range, draining the battery in the same amount of time.

Because of this, Volvo engineers have teemed with scientists at Imperial College in London to try to increase the power of electric cars without increasing the weight. Currently, the group is testing a compositeblend of carbon fibers and polymer resin that can store and charge moreenergy at a faster rate.

If the composite is successful, it could be used to create the body ofthe electric vehicle. The outer shell of the car would act as thebattery. And with the composite not requiring any chemical processes tobe produced, that means the entire car acting as the battery wouldoutlast traditional batter cells created from a chemical reaction. Still in its early stages, scientists hope the technology can start byreplacing the floor of the car’s truck