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SolarWindow Generates Electricity… and Industry’s Fastest-Ever Payback

SolarWindow Generates Electricity… and Industry’s Fastest-Ever Payback

New Energy Technologies, Inc. announced today a financial payback period of under one year for its see-through SolarWindow™ technology, capable of generating electricity on glass windows. Quick payback is one of the most important financial considerations for renewable energy consumers, including building developers, architects, and engineers. “No competing technology I’ve seen has ever recorded or

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New Hackaton Aims To Crowdsource Low Cost Solar

Limitless solar energy is practically right at our fingertips, and yet the US is still hovering right around the 1% mark when it comes to harvesting all those riches. The other 99% could come around sooner rather than later thanks to a new solar energy “hackathon” hosted by the A-lister crowdsourcing platform Topcoder, from the company Appirio. Along

Tesla Motors Inc To Run Its Supercharger, Service Center On Solar Power

It looks like Tesla Motors will be taking its “green energy” initiative to the next stage. The Palo Alto-based automaker is building a network of Supercharger, store and service center in Rocklin, California, which will have photovoltaic cells to power the entire site, according to Green Car Reports. The Supercharger site is 20 miles northeast

SunEdison expects strong US Solar growth post-ITC

Major renewable energy development company SunEdison expects significant US market growth post-ITC, contrary to the general view that the US PV market would be hit hard by the tax benefit reduction. SunEdison’s CEO, Ahmad Chatila said at the company’s Capital Markets Day that it was targeting an all-in distributed generation (DG) installation cost of only

Top 3 Solar Power Chargers

What good is technology if it cannot stay powered?  Solar Power promises to provide for us, but first, let’s briefly familiarize ourselves with what exactly solar power is and how it can benefit all of us in terms of outdoor activity. To put it simply, Solar Power is energy obtained from the Sun’s rays and

Get more out of your solar power system by using water as a battery

When the sun shines at its brightest, many of Australia’s 1.3 million homes with rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar panelsgenerate more electricity than they use. When this happens, excess electricity is exported to the grid. In the old days (say, about 2009), most householders would be pretty happy with this, given that in Victoria, for example, it would

Here Are 7 Ways the US Solar Market Will Change in 2015

From 2009 through 2014, U.S. solar PV installations grew at a compound annual growth rate of over 60 percent. This resulted in a 2014 market that was 12 times larger than it had been five years earlier, and 108 times larger than a decade prior. This year will be an exciting one for the U.S.

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Grid Alternatives Grabs $5M to Build a More Diverse Solar Workforce

In an effort to bring more equality to the solar workforce, solar manufacturing giant SunEdison announced Friday that it is giving a $5 million contribution to Grid Alternatives, the largest nonprofit solar installer in the United States, and whose work includes providing job training to women, minorities and other underrepresented groups in the industry. Through this partnership, the U.S.-based

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Let’s Talk About Solar Power and Equity

We need to have “the talk” about solar power and equity, because ignoring uncomfortable questions will invite misinformation and bad decisions. We need an informed dialogue about how local solar power can impact low-income communities and communities of color in the U.S. We need to talk about “all the good things, and the bad things,

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Solar energy’s new best friend is … the Christian Coalition

The politics of solar power keeps getting more and more interesting. In Indiana, a fight over net metering — basically, whether people with rooftop solar can return their excess power to the grid and thereby lower their utility bills — has drawn out groups ranging from the state chapter of the NAACP to the conservative TUSK (Tell Utilities Solar won’t be Killed) in favor of

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How the Solar Industry is Coming Together to Expand Community Solar

Community solar farms (made up of PV panels purchased by offsite owners) have been saviors for renters and apartment dwellers without control of their own rooftops. But with less than a dozen U.S. states with enabling legislation on the books — and a smattering of utilities and third parties that have pushed through projects —

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US industry ready for ‘bare knuckle brawl’ to save solar tax credit

The US Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has responded angrily to an attack on solar by a conservative think tank saying it is ready for a “bare knuckle brawl” if necessary. The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) published a report last week entitled ‘Filling the Solar Sinkhole: Billions of Bucks Have Delivered Too Little Bang‘, which cited


Defra’s solar clampdown based on ‘politics not evidence’

The Department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra) was informed by the CAP Direct Payments Team that solar farms do not have a “serious” impact on the UK’s agricultural output ahead of its controversial decision to remove CAP payments for solar farms. A freedom of information (FOI) request filed by Solar Power Portal reveals that

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