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dow solar shingles

Shedding light on solar shingles

Shedding light on solar shingles

BIPV is a quickly growing sector of the global solar market. Transparency Market Research expects this area to grow by 18.7% by 2019, reaching 1.15 GW. One BIPV product picking up popularity is the solar shingle. By nature of their design, solar shingles are primarily geared for the residential market, said Josh Wimble, communications manager

solar Hanwha

‘Sexy’ No Longer, Solar May See More Consolidation, Hanwha Says

Tumbling oil prices will maintain pressure on the solar industry to consolidate by drying up investor interest in building new factories, according to an executive who just carried out a $1.2 billion merger. Dong Kwan Kim, chief commercial officer of Hanwha SolarOne Co. (HSOL), said the industry has been “unfairly penalized for oil prices” and that

OpenIDEO solar challenge

Give us your ideas to switch to renewables fast — because Congress sure won’t

Yesteryear, I wrote a little piece about a cool challenge. OpenIDEO, the online collaboration platform, posed a question to its audience of big thinkers: How might communities lead the rapid transition to renewable energy? During the five-week research phase, people posted insights about things like printable solar cells, successful green electricity cooperatives, and refugee camps as renewable energy laboratories. Now, the collaboration

solarworld wins final case in US/China solar battle

SolarWorld Wins Final Victory in China, Taiwan Trade Cases

The second big round of SolarWorld’s controversial trade cases ended in the usual fashion on Wednesday, with the U.S. International Trade Commission handing the Oregon-based unit of the German company a final victory that expands duties on Chinese solar manufacturers and penalizes Taiwanese companies that underpriced their solar products in the United States. The ITC

should solar panels face south?

You’re Doing it Wrong! Your Rooftop Solar Panels Aren’t Facing the Right Way

Rootop solar power is a booming business in the United States. It’s getting easier and easier to do financially and technologically. But the least technological aspect of the process, physically putting panels on a roof, may need to be rethought according to Opower, a utility data specialist. Its findings not only show that rooftop solar might

stress on Hawaii's grid

Hawaii’s Solar Push Strains the Grid

Kauai’s utility takes a second stab at battery storage as solar heads toward 80 percent of peak power. The prospect of cheaper, petroleum-free power has lured the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) to quintuple utility-scale solar capacity over the past year, building two 12-megawatt photovoltaic arrays. These facilities are the biggest and a significant contributor to the

Idaho solar

Solar power heating up in Idaho

BOISE, IDAHO — Idaho is going green whether it wants to or not. The Idaho Public Utilities Commission in the last several months has approved agreements with 13 solar power projects. A combination of federal regulations, tax incentives, cheaper solar panels and a rate-calculating method developed by the commission itself has made solar power economically attractive.

arizona solar

Arizona Utility SRP Proposes Rate Changes For Solar Lease Customers — Potentially Trapping Customers With Uneconomical Leases

The Arizona-based utility SRP recently proposed new rate changes/fees that will potentially see 12,000+ customers who use solar power systems stuck in leases that are no longer necessarily economical. While the addition of $50 in new monthly fees for new customers who use a solar leasecertainly isn’t something to cheer for, the real issue here is

ernie moniz solar

Statement from Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on the 2014 Solar Job Census

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Secretary Ernest Moniz issued the following statement today on the 2014 National Solar Jobs Census: “Solar power is a key component of our all-of-the-above approach to American energy, creating good-paying American jobs that support our growing clean energy economy. According to a new report released by the Solar Foundation today, the solar industry

solar plane

Solar Impulse plane to circle globe on just solar and storage

An ambitious project to “do the impossible” – and fly a plane around the world without a single drop of fuel will begin in late February. The flight route for the Solar Impulse 2 was unveiled today in Abu Dhabi, where the circumnavigation will begin in just over a month, and all going well, finish