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European power grids keep lights on though solar eclipse

European power grids keep lights on though solar eclipse

Electrical grids in Europe claimed success on Friday in managing the unprecedented disruption to solar power from a 2-1/2-hour eclipse that brought sudden, massive drops in supply. Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, at the heart of the event, boasts the world’s biggest solar-powered installations, which last year supplied 6 percent of national power requirements. The initial 13

floating solar

Solar Power to develop floating photovoltaic projects

Solar Power Inc. said Thursday it signed a partnership to develop 50 megawatts of floating solar photovoltaic projects in California, three other states and Mexico. Floating photovoltaic arrays are relatively new technology for irrigation ponds, reservoirs and water treatment plants. They are getting notice because they don’t take up valuable farmland or expensive real estate. There

Solarize South Carolina

Solarize South Carolina Campaign Aims to Rev Up SC’s Home Solar Industry

Thanks to the launch of a new grassroots campaign in South Carolina, the longtime solar laggard could be poised to triple its installed capacity among homes and small businesses. Today, clean energy nonprofit group SmartPower officially kicks off a Solarize bulk discount buying program. Solarize South Carolina aims to inflate South Carolina’s solar capacity among homes and


Portland Sunnier Than Houston?

The spring equinox is a fine time to celebrate the sun. And, for the solar power lovers among us, it’s a great time to take stock of how much sun is available for rooftop solar across the country. When we do, we find that, over the course of the year, the sun for solar power generation is

DRECP report

If You Want to Solve the Energy Crisis, Put Solar Everywhere

There’s been a lot of back-and-forth in recent weeks about where in California solar belongs. (Tellingly, the debate isn’t about whether or not to install solar, just where….) It started with the news that public opposition to the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP), a big part of California’s clean energy future. DRECP would put big solar

solar: makers or takers?

Are Residents With Solar Panels ‘Makers’ Or ‘Takers’?

One of the more recurring disagreements before the legislature’s energy committee Tuesday centered on whether residents with solar panels are really paying for all they get from the power grid. It is called cost shifting, a phrase that echoed through the hearing room in the Legislative Office Building during conversations on bills that would expand


SolarCity Now A Utility

SolarCity, which specializes in rooftop solar energy panels, has long accused utility industries of monopolistic practices that discourage the change necessary to expand power options. Until now. SolarCity announced March 16 that it has developed a system called “Grid Logic” that will use software and conventional generators to maintain the flow of power to its standard solar

solar loan

Residential Solar Financier Sunnova Offers New Loan-Like Product

Residential solar financier Sunnova is now offering something that looks like a loan but isn’t really a loan. When we spoke with Sunnova CEO John Berger late last year, he was adamant about selling solar as a service and had no plans to offer cash sales or loans, despite some rumors to the contrary. Firms such as


California solar has potential to power itself up to 5 times over

California has been an important leader in solar planning and installation, and a new report has found that the state’s solar capacity can power more than just California residents. The report, “Efficient use of land to meet sustainable energy needs” was published in Nature Climate Change, and found that there is enough space in the

dubai solar

Dubai sets pace on rooftop solar power

The door has opened to cash-saving and environmentally friendly solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings in Dubai. Residents and landlords who install the panels will not only cut greenhouse gas emissions and save money on their fuel bills, but they will also be able to feed any excess power back into the emirate’s

SRP solar tax

Critics question SRP’s solar-energy payments

Several critics of Salt River Project’s recent decision to charge higher fees to solar customers accused the public utility of “profiting” from the solar power it gets from rooftops and sells to other customers. Several of the people who attended SRP’s public meetings on the rate changes asked for a full accounting of the surplus

india solar loans

Home loans and solar power

As part of its continuing efforts to boost solar power generation in the country, the Department of Financial Services, Union Ministry of Finance, has issued instructions to public sector banks to encourage clients seeking either home loans or home improvement loans to install rooftop solar photo voltaic plants and to include the cost of the

IREC report

6 Steps that Will Bring Energy Storage into Prime Time

The regulatory regime for distributed energy storage needs a revamp, according to the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. And it’s got the proposal to prove it. “The potential of distributed energy storage to lower costs and improve the quality of electric service is considerable,” explains IREC’s new reportDeploying Distributed Energy Storage: Near-Term Regulatory Considerations to Maximize

Nyngan solar power plant

Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Solar Power Plant Set to Start

(Bloomberg) — A project in the Australian Outback that will more than double the country’s large-scale solar output should begin generating its initial power as early as this week, according to First Solar Inc. The A$290 million ($220 million) Nyngan solar plant in New South Wales state will start at 25 megawatts before increasing to

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