Astrum Solar Continues Expansion

Astrum Solar, the mid-Atlantic’s fastest-growing installer ofresidential and small commercial solar panels, today announced that ithas opened a new office outside of Philadelphia in response to thegrowing demand from area residents for more sustainable, cost-efficientenergy solutions.

The company, headquartered in AnnapolisJunction, Md., initially began selling solar systems in thegreater-Philadelphia area in 2009 and officially opened an office inMarch to better service the region’s growing customer base.

Astrum Solar has already installed hundreds of solar systems in themid-Atlantic and is on pace to complete an additional 500 installationsthis year. The new office currently employs 25 professionals in thefields of engineering, sales, installation and project management andwill continue to grow as customer demand increases.

"Theexpansion in Pennsylvania is just one part of Astrum Solar’s aggressivegrowth strategy to serve new geographic markets up and down the EastCoast," said Astrum Solar President Vadim Polikov, PhD.

"Withevery month that goes by, more and more homeowners are seeing the value, promise and opportunity going solar provides for them and theirfamilies. And with the premier customer experience provided by AstrumSolar’s team of professionals, we are excited to see these homeownersturning to us to meet their solar energy needs."

In addition toserving customers in eastern Pennsylvania, the new office also isexpected to provide installations for residents of southern New Jersey.

"Pennsylvania is poised to be one of the top five states in the nation for solarenergy by the end of the year thanks, in part, to exciting companieslike Astrum Solar," said Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell.

"We consider solar energy to be a strategically important part of ourefforts to build a green economy. That’s why we’ve been so aggressive in investing in this industry, so more solar installers and manufacturersset-up shop here and create the type of jobs that, I feel, will definethe 21st century."

Aside from being the fastest-growing companyof its kind in the mid-Atlantic, Astrum Solar also is one of theregion’s largest aggregator of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).Astrum Solar is the only installer offering upfront value for ahomeowner’s SRECs, making the initial investment in solar power moreaffordable than ever.

Astrum Solar customizes each installationto ensure it meets a customer’s specific expectations. Nothing isoutsourced, as all work is performed by company employees who specialize in various professional disciplines required to ensure a simple andseamless transition to solar power.

This commitment to anexceptional customer experience ensures all homeowners get the mostenergy generated, the most return on their investment and the mostenvironmental impact from their solar system.