Astralux’s Energy Partners Program Heats Up

Almost two months ago, Astralux introduced the Energy PartnersProgram™ and it has quickly become a huge hit. Part of our newlyintroduced SolarCare™ Package – the Energy Partners Program offerssubstantial rebates to Astralux customers who gather 3 or more peoplein their neighborhood or community to go solar. These group rebates canbe as high as $500 per kilowatt, meaning thousands of dollars off analready heavily subsidized solar energy system.

In just the first month of this program, dozens of homeowners havegathered “Energy Partners” in their communities to enjoy this extrasolar energy discount.

With no middleman to gather these community groups, like One Blockoff the Grid (1BOG) and other similar companies, there are no referralfees for Astralux to pay. The group discounts go directly to thecustomer. Thus, the Energy Partners Program promotes widespreadadoption by further reducing the cost of solar installation.

So what makes the Energy Partners Program so enticing?

1) Consider that solar energy system prices are at an all time low, as low as $5.50 per watt from Astralux in the Colorado area.
2) Utility Rebates and Tax Credits in Colorado pay for 75% of that cost.
3) The Energy Partners Program pays for up to another 10% of the cost.
4) This leads to solar being installed at as low as 15% of its original cost, or just under $1 per watt.
5) With an average system size of about 5000 watts, that’s a brand new solar energy system for under $5,000!
6) At that price, you’re looking at solar energy that will pay foritself in only 6 years! For a system that is warranted for 25 years.

Just think about that for a second.

These aren’t just extravagant claims, hypothetical’s that would needa miracle breakthrough to actually become tangible. These are actualfigures that Astralux customers have already experienced.

These conditions create an ROI that is truly competitive with otherinvestment opportunities, and more importantly brings the cost downenough to allow for more households to afford the upfront cost of solar.

Add in the SolarCare Same-as-Cash Financing Program, which allowsfor homeowners to go solar for no money down and without any equityrequired, and you have a recipe for a broad market with the numbersneeded to push solar pass the threshold of simply a novel technologyand into a practical financial solution for any and every homeowner.

To learn more about our Energy Partners Program or what elseAstralux is “cooking up” to break solar into the mainstream, visit ourwebsite at



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