Ascent Solar Teams Up with Bye Aerospace

Bye Aerospace just signed a memorandum of understandingwith Ascent Solar Technologies for the development of thin-film solartechnologies that could be used in aviation. Bye Aerospace intends tostart testing Ascent’s thin-film PV technologies in aircraft by the endof the year.

In a company press release, Dr. Joseph Armstrong, Chief Technical Officer of Ascent Solar, commented on the announcement, saying

“Applications such as those being developed by Bye Aerospace are able to utilize the many advantages of our high-performance CIGSon polyimide PV technology such as monolithic integration, low mass andflexibility for conformal installation. These advantages allow ourproduct to adapt to many applications, from aerospace to buildingintegrated PV (BIPV), portable power and consumer electronics,and our work with Bye represents one of many development agreements wehave to meet customer needs. Products to support Bye Aerospace will bemanufactured from our existing 1.5MW production line.”

Bye Aerospace and Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI) Sign Memorandum of Understanding