Ascent Solar Launches New Thin Film Solar Product $ASTI

Ascent Solar (ASTI) has announced the launch of its new line of high powered, thin film CIGS solarmodules today.  The WaveSol modules are the highest power 5 meterflexible thin film modules available today and are aimed at thecommercial solar rooftop market.  The company plans to showcase theproduct in October during the Solar Power International conference inLos Angeles.

ASTI CEO Farhad Moghadam commented: “We are proud of our heritage and unwavering dedication to flexible CIGS solar module manufacturing.We intend to maintain our leading position as the pre-eminentmanufacturer of flexible, light-weight CIGS modules for BIPV/BAPVsolutions by translating advances in production into world-leadingmodules that will enable the proliferation of solar while making it acost effective solution. We look forward to showcasing this module tothe world during the Solar Power International convention next month, as well as planning several beta site installations with existingcustomers.”

Shares of ASTI are flat today and going nowhere fast as it’s been stuck in a downtrend for many months now.  Perhaps it’s due for abounce soon, but I wouldn’t touch this company for some time.

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Ascent Solar (ASTI) Launches New High Powered, Thin Film Solar Product



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