Arizona Offers Statewide Solar Hot Water, Energy Efficiency Rebates

As of July 1, Arizona homeowners may receive a cash rebate after they purchase a solar water heater or an Energy Star-qualified appliance.

Under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009, the U.S.Department of Energy is disbursing $300 million to help states promotethe adoption of energy-efficient appliances and related technologies. On paper, at least, the idea is to kill two birds with one stone: byproviding rebates for new energy-efficient equipment, states aim to (1)encourage spending, which is good for the economy, and (2) phase outold, less-efficient technology, which is good for both the economy andthe environment.

Arizona, for its part, is using some of its federal dollars toincentivize the purchase of the following items:

  • Solar hot water systems: $500
  • Refrigerators: $200 or $300 (depending on the model’s efficiencyrating; higher rated models receive the higher rebate)
  • Freezers: $100 or $200
  • Room air conditioners: $75 or $150

Details are available on the Arizona Appliance Rebate Programwebsite. Note here, however, that “you must make the appliancepurchase before applying for the rebate.” The program, we’re told, willstay open as long as money is available. The $173,550 that remains (asof today) is sure to go fast. So if you’re considering the purchase of a new fridge, solar water heater or AC unit, you best shake a leg. Getyour Visa prepaid rebate card today.

Finally, as far as we’re able to discern, the statewide solar hotwater rebate is available above and beyond whatever incentive isavailable via your utility, like Arizona Public Service (APS), SaltRiver Project (SRP) or Tucson Electric Power (TEP). Solar water heatingsystems in Arizona already make a good deal of financial sense — justthink what that extra $500 would do.

Arizona Offers Statewide Solar Hot Water, Energy Efficiency Rebates


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