Arizona Challenger Space Center Wins Solar Energy Grant

arizona challenger space center logo 300x267 Arizona Challenger Space Center Wins Solar Energy Grant

Officials from the Arizona ChallengerSpace Center announced yesterday that the organization will receive a $50,000 solar energy grant as part of a larger $55.4 million federalstimulus grant given to the Arizona Department of Commerce. The centerwill use the money for two projects. One will be a 72-panel rooftopsolar energy system. The other will be a solar panel exhibit within thecenter that will show live time energy savings.

The ChallengerSpace Center in Peoria, Arizona is one of 47 Challenger Learning Centers in the United States, Canada, South Korea and England. According to its website, the center provides “exciting space-based learning environment where schoolchildren, families, senior citizens, corporateteams and others fly simulated space flight missions wherethey become flight crews, mission controllers andscientists.”

Out of the 77 grant applications the Arizona Department of Commercereceived, Arizona Challenger Space Center’s was chosen based on threemain criteria: amount of energy saved or produced, the project’scost-effectiveness and its timetable for completion. Not to beoverlooked is the education factor, according to Energy ProgramAdministrator Jim Westberg.

“That’s a good way to give people an idea about the value of solarenergy,” Westberg said.

Arizona Challenger Space Center Wins Solar Energy Grant