Are Charging Stations Coming to Big Retailers? $WMT $TGT $SHLD

Blink Home Charger Installed Are Charging Stations Coming to Big Retailers? $WMT $TGT $SHLD

It seems like just yesterday folks were sitting on panels in over-air-conditioned hotel ballrooms musing over the impact electric vehicles would have on utilities and society at large.

Today, early adopters  — and the rush of companies trying to provideinfrastructure to support the nascent market  — are offering some realexperiences, and challenges, to reflect on. From getting the chargersinto the right hands (and locations) to pricing structure, it’s a bitlike the Wild West of the car market  — with plenty of fodder forfuture conference panels.

Currently, most EV manufacturers have agreements with charging station companies (AeroVironment, Ecotality, Coulomb Technologies, eVgo) to provide at-home chargers to car owners once they get off the waiting lists. But sooner rather than later (and maybe even as soon as thissummer), people will be able to pick up at least one charger where theybuy their other appliances — at Best Buy.


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