Applied Materials Talks Comprehensive Climate and Energy Legislation on Twitter

Today on the summer solstice — the day the sun shines in thenorthern hemisphere for the longest period of time all year — AppliedMaterials kicked-off its series of online conversations via Twitter with Mike Dabbs, Director of Government Affairs at Applied Materials bydiscussing the impact of comprehensive climate and energy legislation in the U.S. During the Twitterstorm, Mike addressed the following topicsamong others.

• Applied Materials’ perspective on renewable energy policies in the U.S.

• Ways the U.S. can regain the No. 1 position in clean energyinvestment

• Applied Materials’ support of a national Renewable Electricity Standard

• Why China is winning the race on green manufacturing

• What the U.S. must do to capture green manufacturing

• Why the U.S. hasn’t transitioned to a clean energy economy

• Applied Materials’ support of legislation to put a price on carbon

• An Applied Materials surveythat found 75% of American’s agree increasing renewable energy is atop priority

• How comprehensive climate and energy legislation will bring theU.S. closer to regaining its position as global clean energy technologyleader

To view these and other related topics search #SummerSun on Twitter. Tune in the rest of the week as we continue the dialoguearound solar energy. Log on to Twitter and follow @Applied_Blog and join the conversation by tagging your tweets #SummerSun.

Tomorrow, Dr. Charlie Gay, President of Applied Solar willdiscuss the history and future of solar, progress made in the solarindustry, and the future of pv.



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