Applied Materials Receives IC Industry Award

I am very pleased to report that for the second time this year, AppliedMaterials was honored for our breakthrough iSYS subfab technology,receiving the EuroAsia IC Industry Subsystems & Components Award, presented last week at the SEMICON Europa show in Dresden. In July, iSYS was named Sustainable Technology of the Year by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

The awards come as customers demand energy reductions beyond roadmapdeliverables for 2012 – typically 30%. Subfab energy accounts for about40% of total factory energy consumption during device production.

iSYS reduces subfab energy consumption by more than 20% and overall fab energyconsumption by more than 8%. Whether a tool is running a process, idleor being cleaned, power, gas and water use is kept to a minimum –lightening a customer’s carbon footprint and lowering customer costs.

Synchronized with an Applied process tool, for example, iSYS can deliver typicalannual savings of 200 megawatt hours of energy, which translates intoavoiding 220,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, compared tocurrently available configurations. So if a typical fab were to outfitjust its CVD tools with iSYS, the savings can add up to more than $2million a year.

iSYS removes redundant layers of equipment andsynchronizes the operation of these devices from a central controllerinterfaced to the process tool. Therefore, energy consumption is matched to process demand, reducing energy per wafer pass. There are furtherbenefits in an integrated package: faster startup, predictableoperation, repeatable spares, smaller footprint and automaticcalculation of the carbon footprint by totaling process gases forgreenhouse gas reporting.

The EuroAsia IC Industry Awards aresponsored by EuroAsia Semiconductor magazine. They are voted upon by25,000 magazine and website readers who work for more than 100 companies in the semiconductor and chip equipment industries.



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