Applied Materials Joins Imec Industrial Affiliation Program $AMAT

LED%20IMAGES Applied Materials Joins Imec Industrial Affiliation Program $AMAT

We are pleased to expand our collaboration with imec to helpadvance the development of GaN-on-Si (gallium nitride-on-silicon)process and equipment technologies for manufacturing solid statelighting (e.g. LED) and next-generation power electronics components on8-inch Silicon wafers.

Gallium nitride is a promising material for both optoelectronics(e.g. LED) and advanced power electronic components, by offering higherbreakdown voltage and current capacity than silicon which is used inmost components today. However, economies of scale are needed to becompetitive with silicon devices and that’s where we at Applied come in.

According to a recent report from Strategies Unlimited, thehigh-brightness LED lighting market size is expected to exceed $3.2billion by 2013, and IMS Research projects that the total powerelectronics market will reach $53 billion in 2013.

We are excited to be part of this cutting-edge alliance with industry leaders including Micron Technology, Ultratech and imec. We lookforward to future updates with industry-enabling technology.

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