Applied Materials Hosts China’s MoST

MoST Applied Materials Hosts China’s MoST

Applied Materials hosted a delegation from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) recently. Among the key topics discussed was thegrowing Chinese solar manufacturing industry and Applied’s role insupporting that growth through our Solar Technology Center in Xi’an, China and with our wafering and screen printing tools. Thedelegation also toured our photovoltaic (PV) Systems lab to understandthe benefits of large scale modules in installation savings.

MoST also plays a critical role in helping to develop the new LEDmanufacturing industry in China. During the presentations, thedelegation was able to understand LED manufacturing challenges and Applied Materials’ capabilities to help solve these challenges.Since LED brightness and yield are important to the industry, thedelegation discussed the need for more robust standards to help build up quality across the supply chain. Applied Materials is developingsolutions to help bridge that quality gap.