Applied Materials Honored with DiversityFIRST Award $AMAT

DiversityFIRST%20photo.Gesing Applied Materials Honored with DiversityFIRST Award $AMAT
Applied Materialsvice president of Global Operations Manufacturing, RickGesing (center), accepts 2010 Corporate DiversityFIRST Award.

Last week I had the pleasure of accepting on behalf of Applied Materials the 2010 Corporate DiversityFIRST Award from the Texas Diversity Council. The recognition was for Applied Materials’ commitment to diversity awareness and inclusion.

The diversity program and workshops at Applied Materials, haveallowed us to explore many of our differences, tell our stories,recognize the uniqueness we each bring, and hopefully move beyond simple tolerance of viewing the world only through our own lenses, to one ofembracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity containedwithin each of us. It was this work and our annual Diversity Dayconferences that caught the attention of the Texas Diversity Council.

I am proud of this recognition for our commitment to diversityawareness and inclusion and our long history of supporting the TexasDiversity Coucil — our employees participate in their conferences andalso serve on their local Boards.

While we design, procure and produce amongst the most advancedequipment and technologies in the world in support of the semiconductor, display, LED and solar markets, our future success will continually beinfluenced by our ability to best leverage and respect the skills, lifeexperiences and perspectives we each bring to Applied.

The award ceremony, attended by several members of our employee resource groups, leading companies, universities and top corporate leaders in the areaof diversity provided a showcase that highlighted the initiatives,challenges and accomplishments individuals and corporations have faced,providing valued networking opportunities for further ‘Best KnownMethods’ sharing that will prove to be valuable as we continue thisjourney.

I am committed to supporting our company’s diversity efforts and todriving increased awareness and engagement. As our workforce continuesto grow across borders and generations, these efforts are a clearbusiness imperative. It is critical that we build an inclusiveenvironment that encourages each employee to contribute to Applied’ssuccess. I appreciate the recognition from the Texas Diversity Counciland look forward to more accomplishments across the company in thisarea.