Applied Materials Enables Display Innovations

I am in Makuhari, Japan just outside of Tokyo this week for the FPD International/Green Devices 2010 show, running from Nov 10-12. Applied Materials’ theme at this year’s showis “Display Innovations for a Visual World” and the objective is todemonstrate our technology leadership in thin film transistor liquidcrystal displays (TFT-LCD) and emerging displays.

The incrediblenew array of devices and applications on exhibit at this year’s show isgenerating a lot of excitement and buzz. Organic light emitting diodes(OLED) devices are everywhere as are touchpanels, 3-D TV, publicinformation displays and e-paper. Applied Materials is the leadingsupplier of manufacturing equipment to the flat panel manufacturingindustry and we are very well positioned with our product line up toboth enable and develop the continued strong demand for traditionalproducts such as TFT-LCD TV’s and newer applications such as touchpanelfor phones and tablet PC’s as well as OLED devices of all kinds. Neverin the history of the Display group of Applied Materials have we offered a more comprehensive line up of products to take advantage of the newopportunities in Display.

One of the highlights on the first day of the show was the debut of the world’s largest 3-D LED TV and Samsung’s exhibit.

Additional activities we are involved in at the show include two speakingopportunities, one on Touch Panel Solutions and another on theproliferation of rotary targets in the FPD industry. For informationabout our lineup of products visit our web site.

In the mean time, I will continue to provide updates this week from FPDInternational on the cool new display devices and the equipmentopportunity they represent for Applied Materials.



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