Applied Materials, China new energy leader CECEP to ally on advancing solar PV

Applied Materials Inc. and China Energy Conservation and EnvironmentalProtection Group (CECEP), a leading new energy company in China, havesigned a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore projects foraccelerating the development and deployment of solar photovoltaic (PV)technology.

The non-binding MoU forms a framework for AppliedMaterials and CECEP to work together on a range of activities to further CECEP’s solar PV industry strategy and roadmap.

CECEP plans tobuild a 5MW utility-scale PV power plant in Inner Mongolia usingsilicon-based thin film solar modules for the first time. ENN SolarEnergy Co., Ltd. has won the bid to supply modules for this project andwill use 5.7m2 tandem junction, thin film, solar modules manufactured on ENN’s SunFab line, which was supplied by Applied Materials.

“The collaboration between CECEP and Applied Materials will further advancethe deployment of the latest PV technologies in China,” said Li Junfeng, Deputy Director of the Energy Research Institute of the NationalDevelopment and Reform Commission. “The 5MW solar farm that CECEP plansto build in Inner Mongolia, using Applied’s SunFab technology, will bethe largest thin film, utility-scale solar farm in China whencompleted.”

The announcements were made during the US-ChinaRenewable Energy Forum held in Beijing which was attended by ZhangGuobao, Chairman of China’s National Energy Administration (NEA), andDavid Sandalow, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy.

“The MoU signed today between CECEP and Applied Materials truly reflects the essence of the US-China Renewable Energy Forum,” stated David Sandalow. “Collaboration and cooperation between China and the United States, and between the public and private sectors, is critical to meet the growing global demand and imperative for clean energy.”

“We are excitedto be working with Applied Materials to explore solar developmentopportunities, especially in the deployment of large, utility-scalesolar farms,” said Chen Shuguang, Vice President of China EnergyConservation and Environmental Protection Group and Chairman of CECICSolar Energy Technology Company.

“We believe Applied Materials’SunFab thin film solar technology delivers the superior fieldperformance that can help us to rapidly achieve our goal of poweringmany more cities and millions of people through solar. Working withApplied Materials, we can promote the adoption of solar PV power inChina and integrate solar module manufacturing into CECEP’s business.”

“With China’s growing energy needs, our relationship with CECEP represents agreat opportunity to promote sustainable energy development through theoptimal use of renewable energy generation with solar power,” observedDr. Mark Pinto, Executive Vice President and Corporate TechnologyOfficer at Applied Materials.

“With our PV technology expertiseand global capability, Applied can offer leading PV technology andmanufacturing solutions to China’s solar industry. We believe our unique 5.7m2 SunFab thin film solar technology is the best solution forutility-scale solar farms, offering easier installation, lower balanceof system costs, and superior field performance. Working with ourpartners and customers, we will continue to help drive down theinstalled cost per watt of solar PV electricity to make it moreaffordable and accessible for everyone.”