Applied Materials (AMAT) Joins Call for Clean Energy Leadership

energyAppliedMaterials and more than 80 other companies joined together in anunprecedented national effort to call attention to the need forbi-partisan climate and energy legislation.

The group asks critical questions of policy makers about America’senergy future, national security and the country’s competitive edgeamong other key issues that would lead the country to become theworld’s leader in the burgeoning clean energy economy. This diversegroup of businesses, national security organizations, faith-basedgroups, labor unions, NGOs and veterans’ groups has come together tocall for bi-partisan climate and energy legislation at such a criticaljuncture.

This is a clear signal that there is broad, bi-partisan support forswift action on climate and energy policy that increases our security,limits emissions as it preserves and creates jobs!

Read the group’s call to action that ran in the print edition of The Wall Street Journal as well as in the print and online editions of Politico yesterday.



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