Applied Materials (AMAT) Announces New Multiple Screen Printing Technology

Applied Materials just announced the release of a new multiplescreen printing technology called BacciniEsatto. The new technologyworks with Applied Materials’ Baccini back-end solar cell processingsystems to allow the production of more efficient solar cells. Theincreases efficiency can be as much as .5% and are achieved by“enabling the fabrication of advanced contact structures,” according tothis press release.

In the press release, Davide Spotti, vice president and general manager of Applied`s Baccini Cell Systems division, explained the new technology:

“Currently being used in customer production, Esatto Technologydemonstrates our commitment to rapidly advance crystalline silicontechnology by providing comprehensive solutions that enable higherefficiency. Working with leading suppliers to optimize consumablematerials and printing techniques, we`ve created a unique capability tohelp customers quickly deploy advanced cell patterns in productionenvironments and bring their higher value products to market.”

Applied Materials (AMAT) Announces New Multiple Screen Printing Technology




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