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We recently reported about the some of the cool stuff on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, proving once again that we here at Boots on the Roof are on top of all things cool.

One of those cool things we reported on was a solar iPhone mobile charger, and that Solar Tech USA had been given the green light by Apple to begin development.

Green resources are now reporting that just yesterday, Apple received a patent (number 7,868,582 the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for those of you who that deep into the stats) for a system that will power various portable electronic gizmos, including your iPhone,using solar power.

So how does it work? I don’t want to confuse any of you laymen withtoo much tech-speak, so to put it simply the device takes some of thatsunshine energy, incorporates some high-tech wizardry, and converts that power to an energy form that meets the power requirements of yourhand-held electronic thingamajig.  It can also be used to rechargebatteries, thanks to a voltage converter.

Green sources indicate that while Apple has yet to actually release anysolar-powered products, the patent move is a clear indication that Apple is very interested in developing ideas that focus on renewable energy. In fact, Apple has taken a number of steps to make its product more environmentallyfriendly by phasing out toxic chemicals and using recyclable aluminum in its products. Last year, it also released a line of rechargeablebatteries that it says will last longer and are more energy efficientthan others.

This reporter attempted to reach Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, for a morein-depth discussion. Unfortunately the restraining order apparentlyforbids even telephone contact. Who would have figured?

But I digress.

For those of you prone to headaches by “science stuff,” may I suggest that you avert your eyes from the following diagram, which outlines the nuts and bolts of Apples new patent. 

Solar Patent Diagram – Courtesy of CNet News


CNet News

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