Apple Granted Solar Charging Patent $AAPL

It would be great if next time you take your iPhone outside and rued that you forgot to charge it, you could just point it towards the sun and the word ‘charging’ appears on the screen of your iPhone. You will be amazed to see your iPhone battery getting charged. This may look a dream for now but Apple is well on its way to make it a reality. They have been granted the patent to charge their devices using solar power. This will certainly hot up the electronics market. United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patents no. 8,004,113 and 8,006,115 for solar charging and 3D video viewer to Apple. So, what it’s all about? Don’t scratch your head, just read on. Let’s see why there’s a need for solar power to charge devices and how will a 3D video navigation function like.

You use devices like laptops, mobiles, and tablets everyday for watching videos, office work, talking to friends, accessing the internet etc. In this mobile world, when everyone is on the move, It is not possible to carry your charging device with you always. And even if you do have it, there is no guarantee that you are going to find a port for charging. To resolve this problem, Apple has come up with a brilliant plan i.e. using the sun light to charge the devices. So, the next time you are in a difficult situation regarding your idevice’s slowly discharging battery, just put your phone out in the sun.

Sun power is available throughout the day, maybe not on rainy days, but the gains of solar-powered charging are far greater than the shortcomings. And you can also use them in a small way for the betterment of the planet as you are saving a tiny bit of power everyday. However, it will surely take time for concrete action, maybe a few years until it becomes fully implemented. But this will change the way you use your devices. Now, you have a wireless charger with you all the time. It remains to be seen what do other biggies such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC come up with. Will they sit silently or develop some more innovative technology? Well, only time will tell.

Via: Engadget

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