Apple Considers Solar Illumination Patent for Display Screens $AAPL

Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens can often be difficult to viewin direct sunlight or when used outside. However, one computer companymay have just the solution.

A patent application from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL),published last week, describes techniques for capturing light fromexternal sources to illuminate electronic device display screens. The External Light Illumination of Display Screens’ patent describesthe apparatus and methods for “collecting external light to illuminatedisplay screens of electronic devices” including:

  • A cylindrical or hexahedral light harness which “may be coupled toan external light input or collector.”
  • A reflector positioned towards or away from the display to reflectexternal light towards the screen. The reflector could be used behindthe screen to reflect the light towards the screen. The reflector couldalso be released to rotate away from the screen by pushing a button orusing a “wrist flick motion.” Additionally, the reflector can bedeveloped as a removable device.
  • A translucent surface may allow external light to pass through toilluminate the screen.
  • A combination of all three methods.

In addition to sunlight, external light sources including accessorylight bulbs or a “centralized illumination system in a vehicle cabin”could also be utilized.

US patent number 2010073791, by inventor Peter H. Mahowald, was filed in September 2008. 

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