Apple and Samsung Evaluate Solar Devices $AAPL

Technology giants Apple and Samsung have been looking into thepossibility of devices available using primarily solar power, accordingto a report from Digitimes

Both companies are looking into theuse of Taiwan-based solar firms in their supply chains, the websitereports, but the markets will need a longer time to develop, accordingto the Taiwan solar power firms.

While Apple has no solid plansto release any kind of solar-based product, Samsung will release asolar-powered netbook in August. The laptop will use a small solar cellto power it.

AppleInsider said that companies including Solarmer, Plextronics, Konarka and Mitsubishi Chemical are all looking atcreating products. The website said solar power could very well be inApple’s near future, as they have shown interest in solar poweredproducts through patent applications. One such patent was an iPod withsolar panels placed on the front and back.

TodaysPhone, a website with mobile phone news, said that if Apple were to put out a mobiledevice with solar power, the company would most likely be first. Thesite said it could provide an invaluable future, with the ability tocharge a phone by leaving it in the sun.



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