Anwell begins mass production of solar panels

Anwell Technologies Ltd, a global supplier of advanced manufacturingequipment and process technologies for optical disc, OLED and solarindustries is pleased to announce its official entry into the solarindustry as it begins mass production of amorphous silicon (a-Si) thinfilm solar panels using its in-house
developed Sunlite turnkeyproduction line.

Amwell Anwell begins mass production of solar panels

Anwell’s a-Sithin film solar panel production line.

A unique aspect ofAnwell’s equipment is that it allows for the upgrading of its existingcapabilities without purchasing a separate new line, representingsubstantial cost savings as it plans to increase its capacity to 120MWby the end of 2010. The added flexibility will also prove invaluable asthe Group markets its turnkey solar equipment, offering companies thatare keen to enter the solar industry the added benefit of tailoringtheir investment according to their available funds and customer demand.

Positioned for growth
The globalphotovoltaic industry remains robust with solar installation increasinganother 6 percent to reach a record high of 6.43GW in 2009, according to figures released by Solarbuzz, an international solar energy marketresearch company. Demand for new installations was led by Europeancountries, which accounted for 74 percent or 4.75GW of world demand.

Franky Fan, chairman and CEO, Anwell, said: “Given the strong governmentalpush for solar installations and heavy reliance on imports of Europeancountries, we believe it is an ideal market for us to sell our solarpanels. The German distribution centre we set up in late 2009, hasalready paved the way for this growth. The marketing contacts andchannels established over the last few months will allow us toimmediately partake in this huge demand for solar panels in Europemarket.”

According to Displaybank, a global market research andconsulting company, thin film solar panels are also gaining inpopularity against the more established crystalline silicon panels.

Thin film solar panels made up 19.8 percent of globally produced solarpanels in 2009, up from a 12.8 percent market share in 2008. This growth trend is expected to continue into 2010, where thin film solar panelsare forecast to make up to 23.4 percent of the 12.1GW worth of totalproduction.