Another $9.5 Million to Go Towards Colorado Renewable Energy Rebates

On September 30, 2009 Governor Bill Ritter held a conference callwith U.S. Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, to announce further funding forColorado’s efforts towards cleaner energy. They announced that Coloradowould receive $34 million in federal stimulus money for energyefficiency and renewable energy projects. Of that money, $9.5 millionis allocated to expand the Renewable Energy Rebates and Grants Program.It is unknown how that amount will directly alter the rebates thathomeowners and business owners receive for installing solar pannels,for now. However, with $9.5 million more being added to that pool, wecan’t be anything but hopeful and excited.

Much of the money will push Colorado’s Climate Action Plan, the goalof which is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% against 2005levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Some of the rebates will be awarded tohomeowners for home improvements to make their homes more energyefficient. Furthermore, a significant amount will be used for rebatesand homeowners and businessowners that use renewable energy technology.

With $9.5 million more being pumped into the rebate fund, we canonly assume that the outcome will be beneficial to anyone choosing togo solar. As the government rebates increase, as well as otherfinancial incentives, such as the Energy Partners Program, solar is nolonger strictly for the extremely rich or the distant future, it’s hereand affordable now.



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