Announcing: 2GreenEnergy “Community”

I’d like to announce the opening of the 2GreenEnergy social media platform.

We’ve long recognized the need for a way to connect readers with oneanother, enabling them to answer one another’s questions, share advice,or simply voice opinions. Now it’s here:

Note that this is brand new, and, thoughit’s been through a bit of testing, I urge you not to be alarmed if youcome across areas that don’t function according to expectations. Infact, please hit “Contact” and make us aware of anything you believeshould be fixed.

I’m hoping to get as many people signed up and active here aspossible. So, to help kick off, we are offering the “founding members”who participate in our April launch special these bonuses:

  • For the month of April, every qualified community participant will receive, at no charge, a free download of my book, Renewable Energy, Facts and Fantasies.
  • For the month of April, every qualified community participant willreceive a six-month subscription to The Vector Newsletter ($179 per year value) for only $1.00 (the minimum the administrating software willallow). The Vector is aimed at helping readers find profitable andproductive roles for themselves in the clean energy sector, and to jumpinto the industry as entrepreneurs – at the exact right time and place.
  • The first 100 qualified community participants will also be entered into a drawing to receive an autographed copy of Renewable Energy — Facts and Fantasies, mailed to your home or office. There will be 25 books mailed in this drawing.

What is a “qualified” community participant? Simply an individual who participates in the community by:

  • Signing up to participate in the 2GE Community.
  • Setting up a profile with a little info about yourself.
  • Uploading a photo of yourself
  • Entering a vote in any of the community “Polls”
  • Writing a post in any of the “Group” forums (or comment on any of the existing posts).
  • Hitting “Contact” and sending an email when you’re done to enteryour name in the drawing for the free printed book (everyone whoparticipates in April will automatically receive the free download aswell as a free 6-month subscription to The Vector).

All of the above is free. There are no user fees associated with participating in the 2GE Community.

Many thanks to 2GreenEnergy co-founder George Alger and ever-willingteammate Adam Battenfield for all their hard work in putting thistogether and ironing out (most of) the bugs.