American Businesses for Clean Energy Calls for Bill

An organization consisting of over 2,800 companies called the "American Businesses for Clean Energy" is urging the US government to quickly pass clean energy legislation in the Senate.

The organization released the following statement:

“The American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE) strongly urge theU.S. Senate to continue its efforts to move forward with a comprehensive climate and energy bill as soon as possible. American businesses, large and small, are urging Congress to act in order to make the UnitedStates a world leader in clean energy technology, reduce our dependenceon foreign energy sources, and create millions of new jobs. SenatorsKerry, Graham, and Lieberman have been working diligently to craft abill that will have bipartisan support. This is a critical moment in the legislative debate. Now, is the time for Senate leadership
and its members to act.”

At the same time, leading investors are preditcing that a climatebill is unlikely this year.

As reported by Reuters this afternoon, Daniel Braun, managing director and head of carbontrading at Knight Capital Group (NITE.O), said the climate bill was simply low on the list of legislativepriorities right now. "We still have to get through financial reform … immigration. There’sjust not enough time," he said.

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