Alteris Customers Monitor Solar Energy System Performance

Residential customers of Alteris Renewables now have a new optionthat will enable them to know exactly how much their solar energy system is producing.

That’s because Alteris — a leading solar installation company serving the northeast and New Jersey — recently introduced a new solar panel monitoring system, which allows homeowners to track up-to-the-second production numbers for their solar energy system.

Individuals hesitant to install solar panels sometimes cite a lack of certainty over energy system’s performance. The new monitoringplatform, says Alteris Renewables President Ron French, should quellthose concerns, as the system allows customers to track the progress oftheir panels via the web from anywhere at any time.

“Giving customers the ability to monitor their systems through theInternet is just another way we are reconfirming our confidence in ourproducts, workmanship, and power production,” French said.

Bill Kron of Plymouth, CT is one of Alteris’ customers who has taken advantage of the new monitoring system:

“Our system is generating 10% more energy than estimated, reaffirming that going solar was a smart investment since all of theextra power generated is essentially free. I could not be more pleasedwith the decision to have solar panels and to have Alteris do theinstallation. ”

The data customers can now collect through the system can be used for more than just piece of mind. Where available, customers can registertheir monitoring systems with their state’s solar renewable energy credit (SREC) platform — an approach that makes it easy to determine how many SRECs their solar energy system is producing.

New Option Allows Alteris Customers to Monitor Solar Energy System Performance


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