Ahura Energy: Breakthrough in Solar Thermal

ahura energy logo Ahura Energy: Breakthrough in Solar Thermal

I just had a very interesting conversation on one of my favoritetopics: solar thermal, or concentrating solar power (CSP).  I cameacross Ahura Energy of Campbell, CA on the fantastic online resource OnGreen.com, and spoke with Fareed Sfard, the company’s CEO, who boasts over 20years experience in the Solar industry. Because we have no NDA in placeat this point, Fareed needed to speak at a high level. But if what I was told is correct, the company’s patented Concentrating Solar System,that can be used in both utility scale and rooftop deployments, has ahuge cost advantage over competitive approached. The system moves thereflective and refractive elements without motors or electric actuators.

“But how?” I asked innocently. I could hear Fareed laughing politely. “That’s the secret sauce,” he chuckled. “In a given space, it produces350% more power compared to traditional solar systems at one third thecost per kilowatt-hour.”

“I know some people at Ausra, which, of course, sold last year toAreva. I’m sure I could arrange a conversation, if you’re interested inselling or licensing your technology.”

“That would be possible, though they see us as a threat,” he allowed.

“I would hope they do; that’s a good thing,” I replied. “In myexperience, that’s the impetus behind most deals. Until people arethreatened, there’s no motive to deal with the problem,” I replied.

We’ll see where this goes. In the meanwhile, here’s a link to the Ahura listing on OnGreen.com, and to the Ahura Energy website directly.

Interested parties may wish to contact Fareed; if you do, expect tofind an extremely bright and charming guy. But don’t expect to hearabout the secret sauce.?