Afterlife Goes Green

Afterlife Afterlife Goes Green

Whenartists apply their vision and creativity to cast-offs from ourcontemporary life, gardens of plastic bags bloom, creatures boastzippered eyes, and gum wrappers take flight.

At the Institute of Contemporary Art(ICA) in San Jose, Calif., the current exhibit entitled Afterlife,which is funded in part by the Applied Materials Foundation, featuresworks created to breathe new life into re-purposed materials andobjects.

Artists transform items collected from the street, garbagedumpsters, junkyards and second-hand stores into creations that make usthoughtfully consider and often re-think how we use – and how we getrid of – everyday items like cardboard boxes, toothbrushes and oldfurniture.

Exciting things happen when art intersects with the greening of acommunity and “junk” is creatively repurposed in Afterlife rather thansent to a landfill.

Check out the exhibit and photosor, better yet, take time to see the exhibit in person at ICA. Theexhibit showcases recycling at its best and closes on January 23, 2010.

Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor.