AES Welcomes Central American Leaders

04 May of 2011 by

On Wednesday, May 5th a delegation on Salvadorian Leaders andTri-National Commission Leaders will visit the Sustainable CentennialBuilding, home to Advanced Energy Systems and the host Good Company. Aspart of a 3 day delegation to Oregon, this visit will focus on thesustainability and the Solar array research facility located above theoffices of AES and Good Company. As a leader in renewable energygeneration, focusing on PV and Solar Thermal energy, AES is often citedas the leader in innovative design and installation.

Civic leaders, Government officials and representatives from ElSalvador, Guatemala, and Honduras will all tour the facility. This touris part of the Partnership for Growth directive, initiated by PresidentBarack Obama in May 2010. 


DSCN1084 150x150 Physicians Group Goes Solar in Medford Oregon


Physicians Group Goes Solar in Medford Oregon

Oregon Solar Rally = Successful


Oregon Solar Rally = Successful

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