Advanced Solar Photonics is Open for Business

Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP), the cutting-edge developer ofmonocrystalline solar panels manufactured with one hundred percentAmerican made components announced today that its SunPanels™ are now onsale.

“Weare excited to announce that Advanced Solar Photonics is officiallytaking orders," said ASP’s Corporate Marketing and Public RelationsManager, Maureen McHale. “Any order placed now will only have a four toeight week lead time.”

Over the last few years, Advanced SolarPhotonics has focused on becoming a fully integrated solar solutionprovider. Through strategic partnerships, ASP has been able to keepcosts down and offer the competitively priced SunPanel™ turn-key system.This solution will include a patented method for ground installation,mounting, inverter, wiring and all the necessary hardware components.Combined, these factors enable ASP to offer a lower cost on the balanceof the system.

“ASP is essentially a one stop shop for solar energy solutionsbecause we are fully integrated. Whether you’re an installer ordistributor looking to purchase just the solar panels or have the needfor a full turn-key system, we’d like to talk to you about ourcompetitively priced solar solutions. We are actively growing our installer and distributor network as we build our manufacturing facility up to a 500MW production plant”, said McHale.

ASPs’ manufacturing plant is slated to grow in 50MW increments over the next two years to reach the 500MW capacity. The monocrystalline silicon SunPanels™being produced are one of the most efficient solar modules on themarket today. After years of product development – including researchand development, manufacturing process development, fabrication andproduct testing, engineering, and factory construction, ASP isofficially open for business with SunPanels™ now on sale.

“Whenlooking at other manufacturers and deciding which panel you’d want tosell or even install in your own home, it’s important to know, unlikeany other company, ASPs’ monocrystalline panels are 100% made from UScomponents. Additionally, ASP is the only manufacturer of solar panelsin the state of Florida and strives to be the largest solarmanufacturing plant in the United States”, said McHale.


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