Abengoa Solar Begins Commercial Operation Of PS20

Following the conclusion of the three-day production and operationaltesting period, Abengoa Solar has begun commercial operation of thePS20 solar power tower plant, located at the Solucar Platform, nearSeville, Spain. With a power capacity of 20 MW, the facility is theworld’s largest solar power tower plant, according to Abengoa.

PS20is the world’s second power tower plant in commercial use. The plantfeatures numerous technological improvements over PS10, the world’sfirst commercial power tower.

These enhancements, developed byAbengoa Solar, include a higher-efficiency receiver, variousimprovements in the control and operational systems, and a betterthermal energy storage system.

PS20 consists of a solar fieldmade up of 1,255 mirrored heliostats designed by Abengoa Solar. Eachheliostat, with a surface area of 1,291 square feet, reflects the solarradiation it receives onto the receiver, located on the top of a 531feet-high tower, producing steam that is converted into electricitygeneration by a turbine. Plant construction was carried out by Abener.

SOURCE: Abengoa Solar



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