A New CIGS Record

cigs solar panel A New CIGS Record
cigs A New CIGS Record

ZSW, a German research institute focused on solarand hydrogen, announced today that it has developed a copper indiumgallium selenide (CIGS) solar cell to convert 20.3 percent of the lightthat strikes it into electricity.

This nudges past the record set by ZSW in April with a cell with a20.1 percent efficiency. The April mark broke a longstanding record held by NREL and also market the first time CIGS got past the 20 percentbarrier.

CIGS cells and modules constitute almost an invisible fraction of a percentage of the solar market. Many CIGS companies, in fact, have just begun to sell modules and a large number are still in the pre-commercialization state.Nonetheless, that may change over the coming years. CIGS cells, canoperate at higher efficiencies than cadmium telluride and amorphoussilicon solar cells, and ultimately they should cost less to producethan crystalline silicon cells. CIGS can also be placed on flexiblesubstrates: hence the building integrated CIGS modules coming from Dow.

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