A Multi-purpose Solar Genius for Emergencies

track talk 4 ZAbHT 69 A Multi purpose Solar Genius for Emergencies

Designedby Renata Veiga, Track Talk is a concept solar powered device, to beused in emergency situations or camping activities, trekking, etc wherecommunication, sense of direction and a source of light are crucial.

track talk VYEBg 69 A Multi purpose Solar Genius for Emergencies

Thedevice is multi-functional and comes with a user-friendly interface. Ituses UHF frequency for communication (the same used in “Talk Abouts”),a digital compass and a LED flashlight. The solar cell in its back canbe easily charged with the device hanging from a backpack or a belt,even on a cloudy day. The device is made from a polycarbonate shellcovered with TPE, which makes it rugged and resistant to any impacts.

track talk 2 vAxEc 69 A Multi purpose Solar Genius for Emergencies

Afully charged battery offers up to 16 hours of radio communication or 8hours of light. It’s the perfect solution for outdoor activities wherethere are no possibilities of using any other source of electricalenergy. The solar power technology, as a clean source of energy, offersthe user the possibility of using the product virtually anywhere aslong as there is a source of light to charge its batteries.

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Thanks: [Renata Veiga]