A Look at The Clinton Global Initiative

clinton global initiative A Look at The Clinton Global Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative started by former President Clinton is an"initiative" dedicated to solving some of the world’s problems frompoverty to famine to how to climate change.  As such, the Clinton Global Initiative is an organization dedicated to recognizing theinterconnectedness of problems around the world and solving them in aglobal rather than regional parochial fashion.  In essence, it is aboutthinking creatively and in short thinking "big" when it comes toaddressing the world’s most difficult challenges.

Thus, it is with great encouragement that the Clinton Global Initiative hasdecided to honor "The Electric Drive Transportation Association,’ forpromoting business models that will accelerate adoption of electricvehicles.’" Clearly, the Clinton Global Initiativerecognizes that the U.S. has entered a new era where an innovativecompany develops a new "business model" that recognizes the 21st Century reality of going green.

As such, like what the Clinton Global Initiative articulates in terms of developing innovative solutions to move forward on solvingsome of the most critical issues, all transportation companies mustdevelop new business models that dramatically move the ball forward when it comes to going green.  In fact, the Electric Drive Transportation Association’s innovation stems fromits overall mission, goals, and objectives, which include: To "Ensure U.S. leadership in electric drive manufacturing (and) (to) Accelerate technology breakthroughs."

Consequently, the Electric Drive Transportation Associationprovides all transportation companies with a plan and template formoving forward in terms of adopting both general statements of actioncoupled with concrete results.  In EDTA’s case,  they have developed abusiness model that encourages innovation and brings about thedevelopment of the electric car here in the U.S.  For such innovationand entrepreneurial spirt, the Electric Drive Transportation wascommended by the Clinton Global Initiative.

As such, the first step for a transportation company to geton the map in the 21st Century is to develop a business model thatemphasizes things like developing technological breakthroughs in termsof going green.  Some companies have figured it out, but far too manyhave not held the same level of commitment as the Electric DriveTransportation Association in terms of thinking big, bold, andcreatively about how to develop a business model that emphasizes"green."  Once more and more transportation companies develop a greenbusiness model that emphasizes breakthroughs, not only will the ClintonGlobal Initiative honor them for their business model, but they may find themselves to be the envy of the world for their big, bold thinking. 

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