A ‘Green Prix” for Electric Cars?


The only way to promote eco-friendly ideas or products is to makethem look and feel ‘cool’. The European Commission seems to have takenit head on as it formally proposed to Formula One’s governing body toset up a racing series for electric cars. Now wont this electric GrandPrix be a ‘Green Prix’? The move reiterates European Commission’scommitment to the environmental cause, being one of the largest backersof environmental projects around the world.

Jean Todt, the president of FIA, told in an interview to Financialtimes that the first season of electric car racing could come as earlyas 2013. While it may drastically reduce the speeds in the Grand Prix,but it may just be next big idea to promote environmental consciousnessin the time of Climate Change. Moreover, we all know how racingchampionships have filliped the R&D wings of automobile companies to create innovative designs. The Green Prix might just be the right pushto innovate electric cars.

reva electric car

The popular Indian electric car maker Reva may very well be happy to hear the news. Reva is the only electric car available in the market in India and is being exported to Europe and US.

Via: DailyMail



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