7 Reasons to Go SOLAR!

Reason 1: More Incentives, Lower Costs
Incentiveprograms for most states should become law very soon. For each unit(kilowatt-hour) of solar power that you produce you would be paid. Foreach unit of power you consume you pay far less, probably just 10% ofthis. This magic is achieved using Feed In Tariffs, the reason behindEurope’s renewable energy boom. Prices of solar PV panels have droppedin the last two years making installations more attractive than everbefore.

Reason 2: Just do the math
If youmeet just 3% energy needs with solar panels, the Feed In Tariffs couldreduce your utility bill by 30%. With current prices of solar panels,the payback could be less than ten years. If you sign a contract, thetariff is guaranteed for twenty years.

Reason 3: The benefits may not last too long
Thefeed in tariff is adjusted from time. If the program becomes verypopular, the rates may be revised downwards. The price of solar panelsdepends on availability of high quality silicon. Demand for solarpanels is likey to take off under the new US administration and thismay well drive the prices upwards.

Reason 4: Solar energy is non-polluting
Solarenergy is abundant and it causes no pollution, either. Just think ofall the greenhouse gases that you save. It is a myth that producingsolar panels takes too much energy; this might have been true a decadeago, but it is not true with current technology.

Reason 5:The cost of entry is very low
Youcan start with a very small project and expand as you gain experience.Solar panels can be added at any time. A new, expandable line ofinverters is now available; you just keep adding inverters as you addmore panels.

Reason 6 :Solar panels are maintenance free
With solar energy, there are no mechanical parts to worry about. Unlike windmills, there are no noise issues.

Reason 7: Be a part of the solution
Oncethe Feed In Tariffs come into effect, you will pay for renewable energyregardless of whether you install a solar panel or not. The cost ofrenewable energy will show up as a slight increase in everyone’sutility bills. The increase may well be just a couple of dollars amonth but why pay for other people’s installations? Why not installyour own and be ahead of the game?



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