kyoto solar cooker

Developed by Kenya-based entrepreneur, Jon Bohmer, the Kyoto Box Oven, has taken the FT Climate Change Challengecrown after beating 300 other creations, to win about $75,000 in prizemoney. The oven, which costs about $5 to make, is made from two boxesof cardboard, one inside the other with an acrylic cover, which letsthe sun’s rays prepare food for you.

This extremely low-tech ovenhas black painted interiors with a silver foil on the outer side, whichhelps concentrate the sun’s rays onto the items being cooked inside. Alayer of straw or newspaper between the two boxes provides adequateinsulation. The oven is targeted at the three billion people who usefirewood to cook in developing countries.

The Dark Side:

Theoven is still years away from being mass produced. Moreover, thelow-tech approach might have its effect on the overall efficiency ofthe oven and the food being prepared in it.