4-Way Solar USB Charging Hub From Brando Workshop

usb solar charging 4 port hub with torch Xt9Ud 69 4 Way Solar USB Charging Hub From Brando Workshop

There is no dearth of solar-powered chargers on the market, whichallow you to keep your gadgets powered up no matter where on earth youare. The USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub with Torch makes solar chargingeven more convenient with an ability to charge all your gadgets in onego.

The device comes with seven mobile phone connectors that match mostmodern phones, a built-in rechargeable battery and four USB ports thatallow you to charge four of your gadgets simultaneously. The charginghub flaunts a solar panel that recharges the onboard battery when placed in the sun. Along with a battery life indicator, the device includes an LED indicator that indicates the battery’s charging status and outputstatus. Weighing just over an ounce, the device costs only $22.

Via: Gearlog