350.org Vigils

350.org hasbeen rallying people around the world to take action on climage change.Most recently they organized a weekend of action December 11-13. BillMcKibben, 350.org founder and also a groSolar customer, sent out arather inspiring email late yesterday about the success of this eventall over the world. We wanted to re-publish that email here:

Dear Friends,

Thanks beyond thanks.

It’s been a remarkable day for thoseof us here in Copenhagen, but mostly not because of anything happeningat the climate conference.

Instead it’s because of what you alldid out in the rest of the world over the last 24 hours. We don’t havea full count of vigils around the world, but in something like 3,000cities and towns across the planet your vigils sent the most powerfulof messages to the leaders here: stop playing games, and startprotecting the planet.

Here in Copenhagen, there were morethan 100,000 people marching in the streets–99% of them peaceful anddignified–to call for climate solutions bold enough to meet the scaleof the crisis. As the sun set on this city, thousands lit candles tostand in solidarity with those on the front lines of climate change–amoving and unprecedented moment in this movement.

We’ve already started to get yourphotos in front of world leaders and the global media assembled here.If you haven’t yet submitted your photos, videos, and stories, pleasedo so just as soon as you can by visiting this link:


We’re projecting the images on wallsand screens all around Copenhagen, and starting Monday we’ll be puttingthem to good use as lobbying tools for UN delegates from Argentina toZimbabwe.

A wide network of allies andindividuals helped pull this amazing feat off, and thanks to them–andall of you–our collective call to action is unavoidable. Moreimportantly, our message was clear: the world can’t afford just anyclimate deal–we need a real deal that is fair enough to protect thosebearing the brunt of climate impacts, is legally binding andenforceable, and is ambitious enough to get the world back on a path to350.

While there’s no guarantee thatworld leaders will pay attention to this call with the level ofambition that’s required, we can guarantee that you’ve given thismovement another boost at a crucial moment.

We’ll be in touch in the coming days, but for now know that everyone here sends their deep thanks and love.

Bill McKibben for the 350 Team



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