25 Blogs Leading the Sustainable Building Revolution

sustainable%2Bbuilding 25 Blogs Leading the Sustainable Building Revolution

Green building is proliferating around the world, homes schools, hospitals,as well as government and commercial buildings are increasinglyincorporating sustainable design. According to Environmental Science Degrees, here are 25 leading blogs that specialize in sustainable building.

1. Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture: The author of this blog is well-versed in sustainable design, havingpreviously resided in an earthbag and papercrete home that he designed.
2. Inhabitat: Newly and uniquely designed green buildings from throughout the worldare displayed, including the beautiful Nissam Villas in Singapore.
3. Greenversations: Green Building Category: Employees of the EPA blog about their experiences and provide advice related to green building.
4. Eco-Business.com: Fittingly, an eco-business site supports sustainable building,providing information about measures being taken to make communitiesthroughout the world greener.
5. Sustainable Industries Blog: The founder of Organic Architect offers his knowledge pertaining toeverything from design considerations to efficiency improvements.
6. Green Building Elements: This blog specializes in the “construction of green buildings, ideas and the design behind them.”
7. Campus Green Builder: College students document the efforts of colleges and universities and their students to create eco-friendly campuses.
8. Sustainablog: Green building is one of the many aspects of sustainability covered on Sustainablog.
9. Building Green Blog: Included on this blog is a list of essential priorities in green building.
10. Building My Green Life: The author doesn’t just advocate sustainable building, but also a sustainable life.
11. Sustainable Construction Blog: An architectural engineering student created the SustainableConstruction Blog, which discusses new technology and products in theconstruction industry that assist sustainability.
12. Sustainable Cities Blog: This blog discusses the actions that cities across the world are taking to become more sustainable.
13. Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce: Building Green Blog: Green building issues in the Pacific Northwest – a notably green area in the US – and beyond are discussed.
14. Environmental Building Strategies: Environmental news that affects contractors and residential professionals is featured on this blog.
15. GreenBuildingAdvisor.com’s Green Building Blog: In this blog, readers can learn how to make their home more sustainable inside and out after perusing through the posts on this site.
16. iGreenBuild.com Blog: An excellent source for sustainable building information, addressingeverything from sustainable design to environmental issues.
17. Green Built Blog: This blog contains lots of information pertaining to green housing, including green design trends and green developments.
18. Green Strides: Tips on green dorm living, fencing and eco-friendly garden fountains are offered on this blog.
19. GreenBuilder Blog: Experts from the green building movement offer their two cents of news in the industry and various other issues.
20. 100k House Blog: A blog that began as a journal of quest to build a $100,000 LEEDPlatinum home has evolved into a full-fledged source for green buildinginfo.
21. The Deans of Green: The Deans of Green live up to their name by offering details about green building and living.
22. Sustainable Building Codes: The author is a building code regulator who advocates the revision ofmodern building codes in order to encourage more sustainableconstruction.
23. Green Building Law Update: Issues in the green building industry that hinder progress are brought to light by a construction consultant.
24. Green Building Law Blog: Although the blog is run by an attorney based in Baltimore, insight isgiven into green building law and issues that affect the country.
25. Green Building Law: Green Building Law is based in the Pacific Northwest, but it covers avariety of green building legal issues important to people nationwide –not unlike Green Building Law Blog.

Richard Matthews is a consultant, eco-entrepreneur, sustainable investor and writer. He is the owner of THE GREEN MARKET, one of the Web’s most comprehensive resources on the business of the environment. He is also the author of numerous articles on sustainable positioning, green investing, enviro-politics and eco-economics.